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Our Philosophy

The Vision of Innovative Health Care Institute, LLC is to provide an opportunity to the adult learner, to gain skills in the health care field and to obtain the technological knowledge that will afford the ability to provide for themselves as well as being a productive member of society and their community.  Innovative Health Care Institute has the belief that everyone can be successful in life.


Our Mission is to provide quality education and prepare each student to meet the highest standards and qualifications necessary for a career and employment in the healthcare field.


Our Commitment to every student is to reach their goals and strive for success. Putting the pieces together today, for a better tomorrow.  When You Win, We Win.

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Our History

In February 2017, Dr. Allen purchased Newport Institute of Technology and Healthcare Training, Inc., which was developed by a nurse and had similarities to helping those in need.  With the purchase and merger of Newport Institute, the merger added three additional programs to IHCI.  In the Spring of 2017, IHCI added Patient Care Tech, EKG Tech and Phlebotomy Tech programs to its catalog.

The history of Newport Institute was rich and vibrant and would only add additional continuing educational choices for the citizens of the Athens community.  Newport Institute was conceived in 2007, filed with State of Georgia certification of organization in 2008, and filed for approval for the certified nurse assistant program with the State of Georgia and approved in 2010.  In 2014 Patient Care Tech, Phlebotomy Tech, and EKG Tech program was filed and “Authorized under the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Institutions Act of 1990” in 2015.


Innovative Health Care Institute was founded to create a center for quality all-around education in knowledge, understanding, and concept in caring for people in the health system and beyond. Innovate will incorporate the motto of Newport “A narrow road is more focused than a wide road” and “Procrastination may mean loss of success when a door is opened.”

At Innovative Health Care Institute, we continue to put the pieces together today, for a better tomorrow.

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